Carmen Sakurai | Narcissistic Abuse Recovery | Trauma Informed Life Coach

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I’m a Certified Trauma-Informed Master Life Coach with a Psychology BSc, Certified Practitioner of several models of psychotherapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy… with over 20 years of education, training, and experience in mental & behavioral health.

But my qualifications are only relevant because I am a Survivor of Toxic Relationships & Narcissistic Abuse.

Ironically, my years of education and training did not prepare me for my encounters with the narcissists who nearly destroyed me. Nor did I suspect my lack of self-esteem, weak boundaries, and persistent self-doubt were the results of psychological mistreatment from my past.

However, after my last relationship with a covert narcissist, I threw all my knowledge, research, and first-hand experiences into my recovery to finally shatter the mask, release the toxic bond, and break free.

So if you’re done tolerating bad behavior, and prepared to take back your RIGHT to a life of peace, happiness, and meaningful experiences… I’m your girl.



Narcissistic Abuse Is INSIDIOUS

I spent years of studies, research, and training in the fields of mental and behavioral health… but never would I have been able to even imagine the sheer magnitude of pain, confusion, loneliness, and crazy-making experienced in the hands of a narcissist… without living through it myself.

While individuals with NPD appear to follow similar behavioral patterns, simply knowing the “textbook characteristics” of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not enough to recognize someone with this disorder.

  • The narcissistic cycle of abuse is so covert that most survivors report they weren’t aware they were being emotionally or psychologically abused… let alone even know what narcissistic abuse was prior to being ripped through the shredder.
  • It’s not uncommon for ADULT children of narcissists to only learn much later in life… that their lifelong lack of self-esteem, weak boundaries, and persistent anxiety, self-doubt, and distrust are the result of the emotional and psychological mistreatment they’ve endured as children.
  • Emotional and psychological abuse is often invalidated and swept under the rug due to lack of “physical proof.” However, there are very serious, life-altering consequences the survivors must endure… sometimes, for life.

This experience left me mentally and emotionally destroyed… battling Complex-PTSD, and fighting thoughts to end my life because the pain and confusion were only getting worse at an alarming rate.

So I fought with EVERYTHING I had to break free and take myself back.
Let me help you navigate out of this LIVING HELL – for good.
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Choose YOU! Podcast

Powerful strategies and effective skills to break free and move beyond narcissistic abuse. Hosted by Carmen Sakurai – Certified Trauma-Informed Master Life Coach, 2x Best Selling Author, Survivor, and Advocate for Victims of Narcissistic Abuse.

No one can understand your journey like another survivor.

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