Don’t Chase People

By Carmen Sakurai


No longer 16 and not one to beat around the bush, I asked him directly, “What’s going on? Is everything alright?”

The thing is… I asked, even though my intuition already told me he no longer needed a temporary distraction. (More on this later)

And after telling me “Everything is fine” “I’ve just been really busy” — to avoid coming right out and say, “I don’t need you anymore, Carmen,” I took a step back to observe.

A week went by with not even a “Hey!”

Week two… nuthin.

Observation-Mode aborted… initiate Chase-Sequence.

  • I reached out every few days to say, “Hi!” or comment on something he posted. And while he always replied, the conversation no longer expanded into anything substantial like it used to.
  • I continued to “like” his posts on social media because you know, that’s what friends do… until he stopped engaging on mine.
  • I attempted to use Jedi mind tricks to get him to think about me. #fail

I read countless “Why did he stop texting?” and “Why did he suddenly go cold?” articles… when I already knew the answer. I just wanted someone to tell me it was fixable, for crying out loud!

But the truth is, he already told me it’s not.


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