Recovery Day 3: Symptoms of Narcissistic Abuse

Abuse. Many survivors of narcissistic abuse have difficulty accepting that they have been psychologically abused. Still not sure if you have experienced narcissistic abuse? See if you can relate to some (or all) the following symptoms:

Damages Caused by Narcissists:

  • Shattered self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and personal boundaries.
  • Severely decreased ability to trust yourself, others, and life.
  • Deteriorated memory and the ability to focus.
  • Obsessive thoughts and feelings about the narcissist which negatively affects and limits how you function on a daily basis.
  • Feeling worse after finally leaving a miserable relationship, due to being left alone with your thoughts and feelings about the horrible and abusive treatment inflicted on your by the ex-partner.
  • Repeatedly finding yourself in toxic relationships (romantic or otherwise).
  • An intense feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, and powerlessness resulting from surrendering all power to the narcissist and depending on him or her to define who you are.
  • Feeling sad – not joy, over acts of kindness shared with you by others. You wish it was the narcissist showing you kindness, and receiving goodness from anyone but the narcissist is absolutely unbearable. You also feel pain because you long for the narcissist to share in these experiences with you.

These are common symptoms resulting from narcissistic abuse. They do not completely “heal with time” and must be processed properly and as efficiently as possible to help you move beyond the cycle of abuse… as well as prevent you from falling victim to future abusers.

It absolutely infuriates me to know that you have been so seriously harmed by someone who takes advantage of people around them, without remorse… for the sole purpose to feed their non-existent self-esteem and identity! I felt so violated to have my rights to live without fear and abuse taken away by a disordered person, so I fought hard to take it back. Come join me in my free group coaching session “Heal and Move Beyond Narcissistic Abuse” and let me help you do the same.

No matter what these toxic people have convinced you to believe… underneath the pain still lives the REAL YOU, waiting to take the stage front and center! And YOU are beautiful, wonderful, compassionate, and amazing. You’ll get yourself back, I promise.

I’ll see you tomorrow


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