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Raising The Bar with Social Proof… or, you didn’t think of doing it because you didn’t know it was even possible.

By Carmen Sakurai


Dr. Robert Anthony, author of, “The Ultimate Secrets of
Total Self-Confidence” writes:

“The most important thing to remember about desire is
that if you have the desire to do anything creative,
you also have within you the means of fulfillment…”

“In other words, whatever desire you have, no matter
how far-fetched it may seem, carries with it the
ability and mechanics to make it become reality.”

Let’s take my 3 year old, Joshua, for example.

He’s a very cautious little guy… I admit, I’m to blame. Never
wanting him to get a ‘boo boo’, I taught him to always be very,
very careful to avoid getting an ouchie.

When he plays Power Ranger, he pretends to leap from tall
buildings by jumping off the very bottom step. He never jumps
off the couch like most other kids, but, instead, he escapes
from the monsters by sliding off the couch and rolling across
the floor.

Too young for preschool, and being the only grandchild from
both sides, he’s never exposed to children his age, and
‘carefully’ plays with his mommy, day in – day out.

And then it happened. I was asked to babysit my friend’s
two children, ages 1 and 3. The 3 year old, Jayson, is
one month older than Joshua.

I played with the 1 year old as I watched Joshua and
Jayson play “dinosaur, monster, police truck”. Running
around the family room, screaming and laughing, jumping
and dropping… when suddenly, they climbed up the sofa,
yelled, “Power!”, bent their knees, and Jayson jumped up
into the air, then dropped down on the floor on both feet –
as my Joshua looked on, his eyes wide with excitement.

Keeping in mind that my poor sheltered son’s definition
of taking a risk is, jumping from the fluffy bedroom
carpet, onto the bathroom tiles…. imagine my surprise
when Joshua followed suit without batting an eyelash.

Now he’s a mean, green, jumping machine. Constantly
jumping off sofas, beds, coffee tables… you name it.
If he can climb it, he’ll jump off of it.

This is “social proof” at work.

Dr. Cialdini, author of, “Influence Science and Practice”
writes: “The principle of social proof operates most powerfully
when we are observing the behavior of people just like us”
“Therefore we are more inclined to follow the lead of a
similar individual than a dissimilar one.”

There’s no doubt jumping off the big, fluffy, couch has crossed
Joshua’s mind, even before Jayson came along. He just never
witnessed anyone doing it… let alone a boy just like him.
He didn’t know it was possible… how could he? For the past
three years, he did exactly as his mommy did. And mommy
never jumped off the couch like that.

Let’s move the focus to the adults. How many times have
you fantasized making a million dollars a day? That would
be fantastic, wouldn’t it? But it’s just a fantasy, right?
Or is it?

Recently, a virtually unknown man by the name of John Reese,
made over one million dollars within 24 hours of launching
his product. Many of you will quickly point at his large
network of Joint Venture partners. But the truth is, we
don’t care exactly *how* he did it at this moment… only
that he did.

John Reese, whose name and reputation has not yet widely
circulated as those of Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, and Dan
Kennedy, proved to us that our dreams do not have to be confined
in our thoughts… it can be unleased and transformed into reality.

Have you ever imagined making five million dollars in 24 hours?
Or buying a $150,000 sports car as a surprise gift for your
husband? How about that spectacular ten million dollar,
60-room, 12-car-garage mansion?

You don’t have to wait for someone else to come and ‘prove’
to you that it can be done. You thought it… if you truly
believe it… you can do it.

Be the proof, others will follow, and you’ll be a hero.

(c)2004 MarketingChick.com. All rights reserved.

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