My Name is Carmen Sakurai

I’m a Certified Trauma-Informed Master Life Coach and Certified Coach Practitioner of several types of techniques in psychotherapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, with over 20 years of education, training, and experiences.

But my qualifications are only relevant because I’m also a survivor of toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse.

The constant suffering and having to cope with the pain, confusion, and loneliness was taking a toll on my health and sanity, so I gathered every last ounce of strength I had left to fight this,  kicking and screaming.

I used all the tools, knowledge, research, and first-hand experiences to experiment with countless strategies – until I was finally able to shatter the mask, release the toxic bond, and break free completely.

  • I no longer have to “cope” with emotional pain
  • I’m no longer triggered by songs, events, and memories
  • I no longer feel guilty about saying “No”
  • I no longer make excuses for bad/shady behavior
  • I’m confident about everything I bring to the table in any relationship
  • My boundaries are solid 
  • I trust my intuition
  • The narcissists in my life have simply become irrelevant

Invisible Wounds Left By Dysfunctional Parents and Caregivers

As children, we learn about ourselves and the world around us through our interactions with our parents and primary caregivers (especially our mothers). We establish our sense of self-worth from how we’re nurtured, cared for, and protected from harm. We learn that we have value by their empathy in response to our feelings, wants, and needs.

Our parents and primary caregivers during early childhood are the foundation of how we grow as an individual and how we integrate ourselves in the world. However, if this important foundation is contaminated with emotional, verbal, and even physical abuse, it is very possible the child will grow into an adult with a heightened risk for anxiety, depression, self-doubt, low self esteem, lack of self worth, and self loathing.

  • Maybe you didn’t receive the unconditional love and support you needed from your caregivers as you were growing up.
  • Maybe you were silenced from expressing your thoughts and ideas… even ridiculed for communicating your feelings.
  • Maybe you were raised to live according to someone else’s expectations and instructed to avoid disturbing other people’s comfort levels.
  • Maybe you feel you can’t be loved or accepted for just being you.

Your right to freedom as an independently thinking & feeling individual has been violated. These dysfunctional adults cause serious psychological injuries to their children including:

  • Constantly doubting themselves
  • Low self-esteem and worth
  • Lack of or weak personal boundaries
  • Feeling worthless, anxious and inadequate no matter what they’ve accomplished
  • Believing their worth depended on what they can do
  • Leaving them without a solid example of what a healthy family and relationships looks like
  • Seeking out emotionally unavailable and abusive partners who provides the familiar hurtful feelings they’ve received throughout their lives

Education & Certifications

  • BSc. Psychology
  • Certified Trauma-Informed Master Life Coach
  • Certified (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach Practitioner
  • Certified (DBT) Dialectical Behavior Therapy Life Coach
  • Certified (REBT) Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Life Coach
  • Certified (ACT) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Coach
  • Certified Gestalt Life Coach
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Strategic Intervention Coach
  • Stress Management & Burnout Prevention Certification
  • Depression & Suicide Prevention Certification
  • Certified Digital Coach

These wounds have taken away your “permission” to SELF-LOVE and SELF-VALIDATE. They keep you from living your REAL LIFE because when someone with their own issues and self-serving agendas convinces you that you are flawed, you move forward living your every moment based on their very distorted version of who you are.

And let me tell you – progressing through your healing and recovery of childhood traumas will be FAR from easy, but once these wounds have been healed, you’ll take back your freedom to live ALL of your life.

It is strongly recommend that you work with a professional and knowledgeable therapist, counselor, or coach to help you effectively progress through your healing and recovery of childhood traumas.

I get it. I believe you. And I’m on your side 100%.

Carmen is the Founder of Carmen Sakurai, Int’l, with a BSc in Psychology and certified trauma-informed master life coach and certified coach practitioner of several types of psychotherapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, as well as Mental and Behavioral Health Studies with focus on Stress Management, Burnout Prevention, Depression, and Suicide/Violent Behavior.

She has trained in Strategic Intervention which encompass: human needs psychology, strategic therapy, social action therapy, direct and indirect negotiation, structural family therapy, life-cycle theory of business organization, mediation and conflict resolution techniques, and organizational psychology; and utilize the Triangle of Conflict: a process to help individuals reconnect with core emotions like joy, anger, sadness, fear, and excitement for a more engaged and authentic Self.

As a Certified Digital Coach, she has demonstrated her ability to effectively and successfully serve her clients via digital platform.

You can find her articles on popular websites including Psych Central, Ricky Martin’s Piccolo Universe, SheKnows, Little Things,, Lifehack, and Thought Catalog.

Carmen currently resides in Las Vegas, NV with her favorite human, Joshua. She is an elementary grade Religious Education teacher and an advocate for victims of narcissistic abuse.

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